There probably is no better single skill to prepare middle school and high school students for academic success in college, as well as professional success in life, than debate.  Studying debate develops and accelerates myriad skills in students, such as critical thinking, research, oral and written communication, public speaking and team work.  If done rightly, it also tends to develop intellectual curisosity and love of learning in the student.


Many people have a great fear of public speaking.  And probably all of us - even the best and most experienced public speakers - still feel some nervousness and an adrenaline rush when we stand up to speak in front of a large crowd.  But those who are able to overcome their fears and master the art of public speaking will enjoy many advantages and rewards in life.


Critical thinking has almost become a lost art in our current culture. This is one of the greatest failures of our current education system, and it has absolutely dire implications for our society - if we don't turn it around.  We must turn it around.  Our nation's survival - and even the survival of Western Civilization - depends on it.  


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