Critical Thinking

Critical thinking has almost become a lost art in our current culture.  This is one of the greatest failures of our current education system, and it has absolutely dire implications for our society - if we don't turn it around.  We must turn it around.  Our nation's well-being - and even the well-being of Western Civilization - depends on it.  

Currently, in many of our nation's schools, students are being taught what to think, but they are not being trained how to think. This is exactly opposite of what good education should be. The ability to think critically and logically is absolutely essential to the well-being of individuals, families, communities and nations. We must regain this skill in our culture.

In a 2016 research report PayScale found that 60% of managers of new college graduates cited "critical thinking / problem solving" as the skill most lacking in new college graduates beginning their careers.  "Attention to detail" was cited by 56% of managers as an important skill that is lacking in new college graduates, and 46% of managers listed "communication" as a skill that is missing.  "Writing proficiency" was listed by 44% of managers as a skill that is missing in new college graduates, and 39% of managers listed "public speaking" as an important skill that is missing. In light of these statistics, we view debate not just as a "nice to have" extracurricular activity, but rather as an essential part of academic training that every student should receive.